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Car viewing, The “New Normal”

What is the “New Normal”

What will Singapore’s “new normal” look like for car dealership post COVID-19. The word “new normal after COVID-19” seems likes a post-apocalypse message out from a movie but this is the new world we are living in, The New Norm.

On our last article, we talked about what might change. We know now, it’s a must to “Mask” up and safe distancing seems to have been removed on public transportation. So would this mean it’s safe to test drive your next ride at the showroom now? Should there be a practice for safe distancing in a car for test drivers? 

Here’s our bold suggestion on how you should conduct and practice safe distancing as a dealership/buyer when retails starts to operate again. 

1. Take a back seat

Yes, stop taking the front seat and allow your customer to drive alone upfront and you should be seated diagonally across so you still can answer any question if the arise. 75% of the sales come not from the showroom. You close deal when you have “alone” time with the potential “inside’ the car. 

2. Wind down

Wind down a bit of the window while you conduct test drive with your potential client. 

3. Alcohol (at least 67% proof)

Wipe down the car before and after every test drive, this will give not only protection but will give your client confidence while you serve them to their new potential buyer. 

Driver seat, steering wheels, seat-belt, gear knobs, signal and wiper handle are the key “touch-points”.

Beyond the above some additional precautions that you can COVID proof your next test drive. Bring a disposable glove or as a dealership provide it for your customer, alcohol rubs, monitor temperature just to name a few norms. 

Together we can fight COVID-19 spread with a few new norms. Let’s try and do our part at least for awhile. 

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