COVID-19 drives more activities online, but will they be here to stay?

With the full effect of “circuit breaker” in Singapore the past 2 months we have seen the effect of how the COVID-19 has changed business landscape and activities. 

The obvious would be surge in demands for home delivery, live streaming, and well even wet markets are now web markets. 

Will this change the way consumers view and consume online activities? How will this change the way we conduct traditional businesses both online and offline? 

Retail business especially those that requires direct contacts or established as non essential business will change as well. Are we ready for a post COVID-19 business activities? 

All these have also shown us some weakness in the “traditional” online activities that we have been running, even large MNCs are withdrawing on activities like online advertising. The delivery of how we reach out to consumers will change and so as the strategy. 

How would you run your automotive business post COVID-19, circuit breaker? 

Business activities, would assumed “normal” post circuit breaker. Consumers will be back to visiting showrooms, test drive, sign documents. This is what we all hope for and assume would happen, but will it happen? 

We have all seen the changes in online activities during the circuit break period. Lower advertising consumption, higher rate of contactless activities. The question here is, are automotive business ready for such changes? What will and might change? 

– Showroom 

– Less traffic to visit a purchase 

– More online research 

– More transparency 

– Integrated solutions   

So will your business be ready ?