Drive clean, Get Rebate

How clean is your ride?

Budget 2020 announced additional incentives to encourage use of more environmentally friendly vehicles

SINGAPORE — From January 2021, drivers who buy fully electric cars and taxis will receive a rebate on their ARF (additional registration fee), as the Government moves to encourage the adoption of cleaner and more environment-friendly vehicles.

Under an early adoption scheme for electric vehicles, buyers will get a rebate of up to 45% on the additional registration fee, capped at S$20,000, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his Budget speech. 

As of now, the full details of what qualifies under the scheme is still being evaluated but here’s a quick look at what powers your car, from petrol and diesel to electric batteries and a spectrum of choices in between.

Petrol and Diesel Cars

Conventional vehicles use an internal combustion engine fuelled by petrol or diesel to power the wheels. Electricity is used for some accessories, but is not used to move the vehicle.


Petrol Car

AMG GT 4-door Coupe

Diesel Car

X-Class Diesel


Hybrid Cars

Conventional hybrids, also referred to as hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), supplement the internal combustion engine with electrical power produced by an on-board electric motor. The electrical system acts as a generator when a driver applies the brakes, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that is stored in a small battery pack. The primary fuel is petrol or diesel.

Hybrid Car

Fit Hybrid


Plug-in Hybrid Cars

A plug-in hybrid, also called a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) or an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV), has a larger battery than a conventional hybrid car, and is charged by plugging into an electric outlet. Plug-in hybrids also keep a petrol or diesel engine as a backup. After the battery energy is exhausted, the engine starts and the vehicle acts like a conventional hybrid until it is plugged in to recharge.

Plug-in Hybrid Car

Land Rover
Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid 2.0A


Battery-Powered Cars

A battery-powered car, or Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), does not have a petrol or diesel engine and instead has an electric motor, power electronics, and a battery pack. Battery cars have a longer all-electric range than a plug-in hybrid, but they do not have a fuel backup. Just like a plug-in hybrid, battery-powered cars plug into an electric outlet to refuel.

Electric Car


Model X Electric