Singapore Automotive Consumer Sentiment Reports – COVID-19 Edition

We are living in uncertain times and consumer behaviors are shifting quickly and frequently in response. That’s why we are providing free access to research insights around the shifting consumer sentiment as a result of the pandemic. The report is updated daily providing you with a deeper understanding of how consumers are being impacted by the pandemic and how that is changing their behaviors.

Be ready to serve customers when they’re ready to buy

By analyzing evolving market trends, you’ll know when to take timely, informed actions to serve customers as conditions improve.

Take a quick look at the changing, needs, concerns, spending patterns, and outlook during COVID-19. 

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We are all adapting to our new environment, and will need to collaborate to find ways to combat the fallout. The automotive market will recover, and we are committed to helping the automotive players to navigate the recovery while ensuring that car shoppers can find vehicles that meet their needs.

The purpose of this tracking research is to provide an accurate understanding of how local automotive consumers are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what impact this is having on their sentiment and behavior in automotive retail and also their financial status. The summary data presented on these dashboards are updated live and draws from survey responses from a sample of consumers. The survey is administered online, takes 5 minutes to complete, is designed by Otomobiru, and hosted on a Google respond form. The data presented on these dashboards are live updated, and consumer responses are tracked over time so that trends in sentiment/behavior can be identified and acted upon by key players within the industries.

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